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Projects in development.

We have an exciting slate of new Feature Film and TV Series projects at different stages of development. As a patron, you would be backing each and every project to come to fruition.

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Nightflowers - feature film italy/australia

Dahlia, a young Italian girl, and Kalaa, a Pakistani refugee become fatally entangled one night when he rescues her from an attack at the port of Trieste, causing him to become separated from his young brother.

A heart wrenching tale of survival, where love and hate are increasingly at war and the very soul of a country is at stake.

Status: Screenplay

Expected production: Late 2019/early 2020

Creative Team: Writer/Director: Ruth Borgobello, Co-writer: Mario Mucciarelli, Producer: Davide Giusto

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The God Particle is a sophisticated comedy about doing good deeds in a bad world based on real life Melbourne maverick priest, Father Joe Giaccobe.

If we’re all made in God’s image, then God has no morality. Father Joe Giaccobe is God's faithful worker – priest, businessman, gambler, philanthropist, and consummate networker. He rakes in millions through his pokies and racing ventures to fund DOXA, a foundation for disadvantaged youth. Father Joe is the go to priest of the mob, baptiser of the bookmaker, confessor to the star politician and football player, best friend to the womanising jockey. Joe's worldly ‘connections’ are his Holy Spirit. Nothing sticks to this freelance priest. Father Joe is God’s pure particle, moving effortlessly from one contrasting world to the next. Witness to everyone’s sins, he’s owed alot. A bank of favours in a black suit, Father Joe’s determined to apply his morally questionable connections to achieve his life’s legacy.

Status: Concept

Expected production: 2020

Creative Team: Writers: Duncan Graham and Ruth Borgobello, Producer: Davide Giusto


the future is now - tv series AUSTRALIA

When Holly's young boyfriend goes missing during a terrible storm off the coast of Victoria, she is thrown into a fight for survival, not just for him but for the very planet we live on. Inheriting his virtual reality repertoire, Holly gets a glimpse into the future and the havoc that climate change is set to wreak. The future is now and its never been more in peril.

The Future is Now is a high concept television series, blending virtual reality with traditional storytelling to create an original and compelling series.

Status: Treatment

Creative Team: Writer/Director: Ruth Borgobello, Producer: Davide Giusto

Expected production: 2020/21

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the reef - feature film australia/uk

A family – a mother, two mismatched siblings, 14-year-old Mitja and his shy older brother, Aleksi – drive to a campground. They carry an indescribably great sorrow with them. They intend to stop briefly, but fate intervenes: their car breaks down. The days merge and become indistinct. Aleksi, deeply antisocial, hides away to watch movies in constant stream. Mitja, on the other hand, seeks adventure. He encounters a girl in a white dress who lives in the ruins of a grand old abandoned hotel, and falls deeply in love. As he pursues the girl, he discovers a group of boys living on the shore; each named after a shipwreck. He soon forges friendships with the wrecks, learning to stand up for his views and take responsibility for his decisions. Gradually, the revelation of what is really taking place begins to surface as the wrecks come closer to their final departure and Mitja and Aleksi must face their own reckoning with the tragic event that led them to this beach hideaway. 

The Reef is about accepting death and letting go. Based on the book ‘Karikko’ by Finnish writer Seita Vuorela, it is a multifaceted, timeless story about the bond between two brothers, opposites in every way, but without limit to the depth of their love for one another. 

Status: Screenplay

Creative Team: Writer/Director: Phillip Donnellon, Producers: Margaret Milner Schmueck & Davide Giusto